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Posted: 30 April, 2021

Monday 26.04.2021

Yup, I took last week off, and now I can’t remember how to use a computer. Eased myself back into work-mode by doing all the boring paperwork and invoicing that I’d been putting off. My accountant should be happy.

Tuesday 27.04.2021

Still trying to remember how to work. Went through my bugs and TODOs and knocked off the following:

Also sculpted the high poly for a Hearg / Dungeon entrance... Tomorrow I’ll do the low-poly and texture it.

Wednesday 28.04.2021

Did a little more work on the Hearg, unwrapped it, textured it, and got it in the build. Dotted around some little maenhirs, grass, flowers and the end result isn’t too shabby. It'll make a nice entrance. I just need to think of a puzzle or something that’ll unlock it...

After that created some new butterfly variants, at the correct heights for the various ground levels, placed some Rook spawners and started work on the waterfall, next to the observatory.

Thursday 29.04.2021

Finished off the waterfall:

And then spent the afternoon in the pub, like the before-times.

Friday 30.04.2021

Actually escaped a hangover!

Nothing really concrete on the build, today, just updated the socials before I head off to Wales for the weekend.

And yes, I’m getting as much in as possible, now, before the inevitable re-lock-down.

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