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"Colouring In"

Posted: 26 March, 2021

Monday 22.03.2021

Carried on with the world design for Sul. Biggest job today was sorting out a colourscheme. Bath’s got a lot of sandstone in the buildings, so yellow was always going to be the base colour for this location.

I pushed the colour temperature just past 7000 (to get everything nice and warm) and then started working through all the key textures, one by one. Replaced a few, hue shifted some and changed the colour balance in others.

For the trees I’ve ended up with pink. Wasn’t actually intending to do that just yet (I was planning to have a map location with purple grass, though) but it goes well with the overall warmth. The bloom picks it up as well, which I like.

Obviously, this will all continue to be tweaked for months. Nothing is finished until everything is finished. Etc.

Blocked out all the water and setup water meshes to react to the impacts from the fishing lure.

Tuesday 23.03.2021

More work on the colours. More tweaks to textures. Did a pass on interactives, so, long grass, bushes, etc. are down. Placed more fences and added a load of invisible collision to stop people sneaking into nooks and crannies.

Dropped in some VFX for falling leaves, and spent a while tweaking the post process volume.

It’s coming together.

Thursday 25.03.2021

Created all the location specific static meshes I need on the new map: a few extra modular walls, some ramps, and water edging.

Then changed tack completely and did the sculpt for some Maenhirs I’m going to place in Ytene.

Friday 26.03.2021

Finished up the Maenhirs and tried to work out how best to get them in game. I ended up doing a re-topo pass on them to make sure the deeper cuts showed up. Was ok, ish. Maybe a little wonky in game, but I hit the wall of “can’t be arsed” about half way through…

Textured them and started messing about with emissives. I want Niagara to emit particles from the glowing bits, and have it all pulse in and out... There’s probably a way to read the texture in Niagara, but Google didn’t turn up anything obvious so I opted to make another mesh that follow the emissive areas, and set Niagara to emit from that. Works quite nicely!

Needs audio, I think. c

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