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"Cecconoid Amiga"

Posted: 02 July, 2024

The Commodore Amiga Port of Cecconoid -- by Ian Ford [h0ffman] & published by Thalamus -- is out!

As you can see, Thalamus have put serious care and attention into the production of the big box version, and it really is special. Massive thanks to Andy Roberts for the tireless work, over many months, putting this together.

You can order your copy, here.

When I was working on Cecconoid, back in 2019, I did have the thought in the back of my mind about porting it to one of the retro platforms. Speccy Next. Maybe the Megadrive. Definitely the Amiga.

That didn't shape what I did in terms of design, or aesthetic -- I was making a PC game, with a cool 1bit look -- but I did think it'd make a nice side-project, "if I get some time".

When Ian pinged me on Discord, asking if he could have a crack, it was a no-brainer. He'd already ported Knightmare and Metal Gear over, and his attention to detail was impressive.

The job he's done with Cecconoid, though, is world class. I doff my cap. I could not have done the game justice in the way he has.

Cecconoid on the Amiga is, essentially, a 1-to-1 port. The only compromises that had to be made were some layout adjustments, to fit the 4:3 aspect ratio of the screen, and a small reduction in enemy counts, in Eugatron.

But... It goes beyond my original in many ways; there's additional music, there're many more easter eggs and there're additional achievements. So much so, the running joke is that I'll need to port the Amiga version back to PC and console.

It'd make a nice side-project, "if I get some time".

I'm insanely proud of the job Ian's done on this. It's not enough to have the code, you have to work out the feel and translate it, and he's done that with aplomb. It's a technical tour-de-force that I would not have been able to match. And honestly, in my biased opinion, I think he's ended up making one of the best shooters on the Amiga. (Eugatron is giving Llamatron a run for its money in the "best 16bit twin-stick shooter" category, as well...!)

So congrats, mate. You absolutely fucking smashed it. :)

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